Koray Durak

Ph.D., 2008, Harvard University

(90) (212) 359 6607

Research Interests: 

Byzantine History; Medieval Islam; Economic History of the Medieval Mediterranean


2010 (in publication): “Performance and ideology in the exchange of prisoners between the Byzantines and the Islamic Near Easterners in the early Middle Ages,” for the book entitled Performance in the Medieval and Early Modern Eastern Mediterranean, Brepols Publication.

2010 (in publication): “Ortaçağ'da Bizans'ın Komşularının Gözüyle Ayasofya Kilisesi [The Church of Hagia Sophia as Seen by the Neighbors of the Byzantine Empire],” (in Turkish) Ayasofya Yıllığı, Spring 2010. 2010 “Through an Eastern Window: Muslims in Constantinople and Constantinople in Early Islamic Sources,” in From Byzantion to Istanbul. 8000 Years of a Capital, ed. Koray Durak, Istanbul.

2010, (Scientific editor) catalogue for the Exhibition entitled From Byzantion to Istanbul. 8000 Years of a Capital, Istanbul.

2009: “Who are the Romans? The Definition of Bilād al-Rūm (Land of the Romans) in Medieval Islamic Geographies,” Journal of Intercultural Studies, December 2009.

2009 (in publication): “Byzantine Education”, “Byzantine Ceremonies” and “Commerce in Byzantium” for a book on Istanbul to be published by Türk Kültürüne Hizmet Vakfı in 2010.

2009 Fall: “Constantinople, réalités et utopies médiéval,” De Byzance à Istanbul, Un port pour deux continent (catalogue for the exhibition at Grand Palais in Paris in 2009), eds. Nazan Ölçer and Edhem Eldem, Paris.

2009, May: “Defining the ‘Turk’: Mechanisms of Establishing Contemporary Meaning in the Archaizing Language of the Byzantines,” Jahrbuch der Österreichischen Byzantinistik 59.