Koray Durak

Ph.D., 2008, Harvard University

(90) (212) 359 6607

Research Interests: 

Middle Byzantine social and economic history; Early Islamic social and economic history; Commercial history of the medieval Mediterranean; Byzantine-Arab relations; Geographical imagination in the early Middle Ages; History of materia medica

Research Projects: 

BAP-Commerce in medicinal items between Byzantines and Islamic World in the Middle Ages- 2013-2016

TÜBA-GEBİP/The Young Scientists Award Programme of the Turkish Academy of Sciences- 2011-2013


Hist 49K.01: Sp.Tp. History of Byzantium (330-1453), Columbia University and Boğaziçi University summer school in Istanbul

Hist 59R: Sp.Tp.Readings in Byzantine Sources

Hist 241: Introduction to Western European, Mediterranean, and Islamic Civilizations

Hist 49L: Special Topics: Trade, Exchange, and Communications in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Early Middle Ages

Selected Publications: 

“Performance and ideology in the exchange of prisoners between the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic Near East in the early Middle Ages,” for Performance in the Medieval and Early Modern Eastern Mediterranean, Brepols Publication, 2013 (in publication)

"Traffic across the Cilician Frontier: Movement of People between Byzantium and the Islamic Near East in the Early Middle Ages,” Byzantium and the Arab World, Encounter of Civilizations, Thessalonica, 2013.

"Diplomacy as Performance: Power Politics and Resistance Between the Byzantine and the Early Medieval Islamic Courts,” The Byzantine Court: Source of Power and Culture (Second International Sevgi Gönül Symposium proceedings), eds. Ayla Ödekan and Engin Akyürek, Nevra Necipoğlu, 2013.

"The Location of Syria in Byzantine Writing; One Question, Many Answers,”Journal of Turkish Studies, 36, 2011.