Getty Vakfı Ortak Projesi

The Getty Foundation Connecting Art Histories Initiative at the Department of HistoryStarting in June 2010, the Department of History has been a partner of the Getty Foundation's Connecting Art Histories Initiative, a project aiming to broaden the study of art history and to create opportunities and spaces for sustained intellectual exchange across national and regional borders. Through a grant offered by the Getty, the Boğaziçi Department of History has initiated a visiting professor program in history of art, architecture and visual culture, inviting distinguished scholars working in areas outside of the immediate research and teaching fields of Boğaziçi faculty. Public lectures and workshops during the visits of Getty faculty aim at establishing further intellectual connections and exchanges between visiting faculty and members of various teaching and research institutions in Istanbul and Turkey working in areas related to art history and visual culture. The Department of History’s participation in the Getty Connecting Art Histories initiative has been designed also to offer scholarships to a number of graduate students working in areas related to the historical study of visual culture; to initiate a strategic planning effort in order to create sustainable funding for graduate students and for departmental projects; and to expand the collections of the Boğaziçi University library in the areas related to the fields of the visiting faculty.With the aim of expanding the range of study in the graduate program and establishing a basis for further work, the department has identified a number of areas for the visiting professor program. These fields include theory of art history and visual culture, film and photography, South Asian, East Asian, European (including Russian) and North American art and visual culture from the medieval to the modern era.Link: faculty through the Getty Foundation Connecting Art Histories Initiative:Fall 2010: Donald Preziosi, UCLA, Professor EmeritusSpring 2011: Partha Mitter, University of Sussex, Professor EmeritusFall 2011: Gerhard Wolf, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence, DirectorSpring 2012: Ali Behdad, UCLA, ProfessorSpring 2012: Christopher Pinney, UC London, ProfessorFall 2012: Ebba Koch, University of Vienna, ProfessorSpring 2013: Marian Feldman, UC Berkley, Associate ProfessorList of public lectures by visiting faculty Workshops organized under the framework of Getty CAHI MAKING AND REMAKING IMAGES IN BYZANTINE, OTTOMAN, AND PERSIAN ARTBoğaziçi University, Cultural Heritage Museum, Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 SUBJECT INTO OBJECT: A WORKSHOP ON THE USES OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE OTTOMAN WORLDBoğaziçi University, Cultural Heritage Museum, Thursday, May 24th 2012 IMAGINING HISTORY, PLACE, AND IDENTITY IN THE EARLY MODERN WORLD:PERSPECTIVES FROM OTTOMAN, SAFAVID, MUGHAL, AND HABSBURG VISUAL CULTUREBoğaziçi University, Cultural Heritage Museum, Saturday, January 12th 2013,