Yücel Terzibaşoğlu

Ph.D., 2003, Birkbeck College, University of London

(90) (212) 359 7527

TB 504

Research Interests: 

Economic History of Eastern Europe and the Middle East: Political economy of agrarian regimes and transformations, agrarian production and labour, landed and urban property, law and legal institutions in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Political Economy of Cadastre in the 19th-Century Ottoman Empire: Registering Property in the Towns and Countryside

The dynamics of Ottoman legal transformation in the 19th century: The new property regime, courts and land conflicts in the Balkans

Land Use Patterns and Forms of Labour in the Agricultural Estates (Çiftliks) in the Salonican Countryside (18th - 20th Centuries)

Research Projects: 

“Landed Estates (Çiftliks), Landowners and Rural Producers in the Balkans: Class relations in Ottoman Macedonia (18th-19th centuries)” - Bogazici University Scientific Research Project

"Land Use Patterns and Forms of Labour in the Agricultural Estates (Çiftliks) in the Salonican Countryside (18th - 20th centuries)" - Bogazici University Scientific Research Project


HIST 401: Historiography I

HIST 402: Historiography II

HIST 58A: History of Political Economy I

HIST 58T: History of Political Economy II

Selected Publications: 

Article titled 'Landed Estates, Rural Commons and Collective Agriculture in Ottoman Niş and Leskofçe in the Nineteenth Century', Turkish Historical Review, August 2022, pp. 1-29.

Chapter titled '19. Yüzyılda Balkanlar’da Toprak Rejimi ve Emek İlişkileri' (Land Regime and Labour Relations in the 19th-century Balkans) (co-authored with Alp Yücel Kaya) in İktisat Tarihinin Dönüşü: Yeni Yaklaşımlar ve Tartışmalar, (The Return of Economic History: New Perspectives and Debates), ed. by U. Karakoç and A.Y. Kaya, İletişim, İstanbul, 2021.  

Chapter titled 'The Ottoman Agrarian Question and the Making of Property and Crime in Nineteenth Century’ in Ottoman Rural Societies and Economies ed. by Elias Kolovos, the Institute of Mediterranean Studies, Crete, University of Crete Press, 2015.

Chapter titled 'Ottoman ‘Legal Revolution’ in the 19th-Century Balkans: The Role of Local Councils and Courts in the Making of Property and Criminal Law' in Konflikt und Koexistenz: Die Rechtsordnungen Südosteuropas im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, ed. by Michael Stolleis, Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, Frankfurt am Main, 2015.

Chapter titled '"A very important requirement of social life": Privatisation of land, criminalisation of custom, and land disputes in nineteenth-century Anatolia' in Les acteurs des transformations fonciéres autour de la Méditerranée au XIXe siècle, ed. by Vanessa Guéno et Didier Guignard, Karthala and the Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme (MMSH), 2013.

Chapter titled 'Cadastres ottomans: évaluation fiscale et la question de la valeur dans le cadastre d’Istanbul de 1874,' in La mesure cadastrale, Estimer la valeur du foncier, ed. by Florence Bourillon and Nadine Vivier, Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2012.

Article titled ‘Tahrir’den Kadastro’ya: 1874 Istanbul Emlak Tahriri ve Vergisi: “kadastro tabir olunur tahrir-i emlak”’ (co-authored with Alp Yücel Kaya), Tarih ve Toplum Yeni Yaklaşımlar, Güz 2009, sayı 9, pp. 9-58.

Article titled ‘Eleni hatun’un zeytin bahçeleri: 19. yüzyılda Anadolu’da mülkiyet hakları nasıl inşa edildi?’, Tarih ve Toplum Yeni Yaklaşımlar, Güz 2006, sayı 4, pp. 121-147.

Chapter titled ‘Land Disputes and Ethno-Politics: North-western Anatolia, 1877-1912’ in Ethno-Nationality, Property Rights in Land and Territorial Sovereignty in Historical Perspective, ed. by S. Engerman and J. Metzer, 2004, Routledge, London.

Article titled ‘Landlords, Refugees and Nomads: Struggles for Land around Late-Nineteenth-Century Ayvalık’ New Perspectives on Turkey, Spring 2001, 24, pp. 51-82.