Houssine Alloul

PhD., 2017, University of Antwerp


Houssine Alloul is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp. Prior to coming to Boğaziçi University he was a Fulbright visiting scholar and B.A.E.F. honorary fellow at Columbia University. His main areas of research are Euro-Ottoman diplomacy, finance capitalism, and Leopoldian colonialism. He is co-editor (with Edhem Eldem and Henk de Smaele) of To Kill A Sultan: A Transnational History of the Attempt on Abdülhamid II (1905). At Boğaziçi University he will chiefly be working on two projects: (1) a monograph that expands on his PhD thesis and probes the forgotten history of intense political, economic, and social interaction between the Kingdom of Belgium and the Ottoman Empire; and (2) a new comparative study on consular agents and their discordant roles in foreign capital expansion in late Ottoman Salonika.


Visiting Researcher