Grigor Daranaḷts'i and the Rise of Armenian Istanbul

Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 16:00
Cultural Heritage Museum, Vangelis Kechriotis Seminar Room
Dr. Henry Shapiro
Abstract: This lecture will consider the life and work of the Armenian priest and chronicler Grigor Daranaḷts'i (1576-1643) as a window into a fundamental turning point in the demographic and cultural history of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.  Before the seventeenth century, Istanbul was not a major Armenian cultural center. By the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, however, it had become the most important Armenian literary and demographic center in the world. This presentation will document how Armenian Istanbul gradually came into being in the aftermath of a mass migration and refugee crisis, describing the transition through the eyes of a seventeenth-century Armenian refugee, author, and political leader.